Autolux - find your car with a click


Our identity

Autolux was born from the passion for cars and the experience matured in the car-selling field. We are young and dynamic peolple that want to give our clients something more than a cold collection of products, we search and choose the best offers and make them available form the comfort of your home.


Our mission

Buying a new car is always an intense moment, we have to satisfy both heart desires and hard choices; our aim is to make that task as easy as possible for our clients, using both traditional methods and all the new avaliable technologies. You will not need to roam from one car dealer to another, we want to become your new interface with all the chaos and confusion that is the car business; we want to be near you, and make you feel - and be - at home.


Our philosophy

Here at Autolux we belive that there is not a second opportunity to give a good first impression, expecially in a field that involve a large deal of resources - both economical and emotional. 

Thus our creed:

  • Knoledge: a firm and wide scope of the field is the best insurance for offering a good and professional service.
  • Quality: we take into consideration only the best cars we find, checking the product through trusted collaborators.
  • Empathy: only through an open and friendly interaction we can be able to understand your needs and present you a suitable offer.